Several influential people in the Hindu community have recently tweeted about a belligerent attitude that some members of the #HinduCharter attendees (or organising team?) have taken. Yesterday, an article suggesting that if the demands are not met this group will push for not voting for the BJP/Narendra Modi govt, was published.

Hindu consolidation is directly proportional to BJP’s rise

Hindu consolidation is directly proportional to BJP’s rise! And conversely Hindu fragmentation leads to rise of regional casteist parties and BJPs decline.

The BJP needs to realise this. And it must do everything to keep its Hindu vote consolidated. But has it done enough? There are clear signs that the Hindu vote is fragmenting before the crucial 2019 elections.

Every other day one runs into Facebook posts asking Hindus to “teach BJP a lesson” and not vote for it in 2019. Arguments such as, ‘a coalition will come to power, which will collapse, leading to a fresh election and hopefully an ever stronger BJP win‘ are commonly made.

I agree and standby the fact that the BJP has not done anything for furthering Hindu causes (although this same Hindu voter understands and appreciates the economic mess the Modi govt has pulled us out of). For instance, rewriting our history books to reflect our perspectives and discard leftist narratives taught to us was a minimalistic expectation from this govt. Instead of being apologetic about not having done anything in this area, the Education minister proudly claimed recently that ‘in four years they had not changed even a single chapter‘. Such a shame! Such a disappointment!

However, i find the stand to ‘teach the BJP a lesson‘ a completely foolish idea. “Cut off the nose to spite the face” is how a co-Dharmic from Chennai described this Hindu attitude during our conversation.

Standing up for Hindu causes

To a restless westerner like myself, one of the traits in the Hindu character that seems less commendable is the lack of activism. In my experience, Hindus are always elated when they hear that a problem is going to be solved all by itself.

~ Dr. Koenraad Elst

It is not a secret that Hindus have tall expectations from this BJP government more than any other government in its independent history. Rewriting history books, removing article 370, undoing the damage done to our temples by the govt take over of temples, building the Ram Mandir, are among the many demands the Hindu community have placed had. Some of these have been acknowledged in the BJP’s manifesto itself.

The trouble is that Hindus fail to unite as a community and engage in political activism or forming pressure groups on the government to act on their demands.

This is exactly what the Hindu charter hopes to change.

The charter is a list of demands of the Hindu community which are non-partisan and do not discriminate against any community. These are demands that Hindus are placing before this government for their dignity, preservation and furthering of their civilization.

The Indian state is the inheritor, custodian and trustee of the Indic civilization based on the ethos of Sanatana Dharma. The Indian State has bounden civilizational responsibility to protect, preserve and promote the Indic civilization.

~ Excerpt from the Hindu Charter

Clearly, the BJP is well positioned, as a right-leaning Hindu-party, to stake claim to create such a civilizational state. The Hindu Charter members therefore would wholeheartedly want the BJP to stake claim to this expectation of its Hindu voter.

At the same time the Hindu Charter has an objective to become a ‘pressure group‘ on any political party that may be in power in the future.

Ideas expressed in this note are the personal opinion of the writer. The writer is not writing this on behalf of the volunteers or the organising committee of the Hindu Charter.

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