This Broadway song on the Jewish Experience fits  the oppressed Hindu Experience very well for the past few centuries, and shamefully continuing since 1947.

Close every door to me
Hide all the world from me
Bar all the windows
And shut out the light

Do what you want with me
Hate me and laugh at me
Darken my daytime
And torture my night

Just give me a number
Instead of my name
Forget all about me
And let me decay

I do not matter
I’m only one person
Destroy me completely
Then throw me away!

The supreme court’s verdict on Sabarimalai loudly tells every Indian that Hindu sects/groups do not qualify for protection under Article 26 of the constitution, which privilege is reserved for “denominations/religions”.

In their startling interpretation of the constitution and shocking take at the Hindu society, (with the exception of the wise, dissenting Justice Malhotra) the justices found it fit to impose the following by implication on the nation:

(1) The majority population of the country are lesser citizens with no constitutional protection of their right to worship (Art 25);

(2) The beliefs of the majority of the country are not protected by the constitution (non-application of Art 26 for Hindus);

(3) The court will dictate what beliefs the majority should prescribe to (overriding Art.25);

(4) In conclusion, the majority of the country have been divested of the freedom/right to worship, excluding them from the protection of Art.25.

How do we arrive at these conclusions?

First the judges denied “denominational status” to “Ayyappa followers”, and so removed them (disregarding all their practices/faith) from all protections accorded to “denominations/religions”. Next, shorn of protection under Art.25-30, they declared the temple as a public place, and therefore liable to follow “equality” as seen by Art.14.

The implications of this are shocking: Hinduism is not seen as a religion, but as a collection of various “groups”, none of which will qualify for “denomination/religion” status, unless they declare themselves as “non-Hindu” (e.g., Lingayaths, Ramakrishna Math).

Therefore all the practices, rituals, traditions, faith, artifacts, temples, etc., of Hindu “groups” are worthless and undeserving of protection under Art.25-30, and their places of worship are now by implication, all public places.

By dictating to “Ayyappa devotees” on what their ritual should be, the court has denied them the freedom of worship per their traditions.

The dissenting judge rightly called out her concern about privileging Art.14 over Art.25, and the need to avoid PILs that concern religion.

We now have the bizarre spectacle of Hindu women (who the court was purportedly “protecting” by looking at them as “oppressed” under Art.14) marching on the streets against this court verdict, while militant non-Hindu women are making repeated concerted efforts to breach and desecrate the temple, in cahoots with the conniving Kerala state government.

The justices have privileged Art.14 over Art.25-30 when it comes to Hindus alone, by casting them out of the protection of Art.26. Is the constitution’s ambiguity/failure in recognizing and enshrining Sanatan Dharma at the root of this judgment?

Given that the constitution has been interpreted as not recognizing the majority’s rights, and not protecting our right to worship, ARE WE CRAZY IN FORCE-FITTING SUCH A CONSTITUTION THAT DOES NOT PROTECT 80% OF THE POPULATION? AMEND/CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION AND PROTECT OUR RIGHTS!

Today it is the judgment on Sabarimalai. Yesterday, it was the judgment on the Shani Shinganapur temple, and prior to that, the separation of Lingayaths as “not Hindus”. Let us not forget the hostile”anti-superstition bill” of Hinduphobic Congress-led state governments that maliciously targeted only Hindu practices. Should I remind Hindus about the carefully-crafted “right to education” bill that crippled Hindus’ ability to run their schools? Have Hindus forgotten the illegal take-over of their temples by the anti-constitutional HR & CE and Temple Endowment boards of various states that are throttling the temple practices to death? Is it not obvious what is happening when every Hindu festival (Deepavali/Holi/Navarathri/Pongal) or practice (Jallikattu) is curbed, criminalized, shamed, and sought to be destroyed?

How much more will the Hindu suffer before the breaking point is reached?

Rajiv Malhotra has used “Breaking India” in this context in a recent video, and the writing is indeed on the wall. Not only that – the bricks are coming flying at us from the wall, and the onslaught can be expected to intensify in the days to come.

What will it take to for this government to protect the rights of ALL in conformance with the ideals of the Indian identity, in deference to the continuity of our civilization, and not leave the door open for Hinduphobic adversaries to manufacture “oppressed” classes whose “rights” should be protected by civilization-confrontational judgments?

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!

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