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This was a term which came to be known during the time the UPA was the ruling dispensation, Digvijay Singh used it liberally trying to name every attack as ‘Saffron Terror’. This colour of terror was sought to be attributed to every terror attack which happened when the UPA was at the helm.

The common refrain was terror has no religion. Terrorism, whatever may be the cause, is not acceptable. But in the same breath, Mecca Masjid, Samjautha Express, Malegaon, Ajmer Sharif and other terror attacks were branded as ‘Saffron Terror’.

In 2010, Mr P Chidambaram had eloquently spoken on the vice of saffron from the Deoband seminary in Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Digvijay Singh did use it repeatedly as I have stated above. Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister who succeeded P Chidambaram also publicly stated the existence of ‘Saffron Terror’ in 2013.

Saffron Terror’ or ‘Hindu Terror’?
On quite a few occasions, I have been asked about the existence of ‘Saffron Terror’. My common refrain would be there was no ‘Hindu Terror’. Are they different? Indeed, they are.

However, my fear was that if the saffron terror existence or its genesis is explained to them they will immediately divert and misconstrue. Next day headlines would presumably be ‘former MHA Internal Security official confirms existence of Saffron Terror’. Even without that, even when the 26/11 Mumbai attacks were actually happening, a book titled ’26/11/2008 – RSS ki Saazish’ was under print. But it took a backseat due to the capture of Ajmal Kasab and overwhelming evidence, in spite of P Chidambaram not sharing the full inventory of evidences with Pakistan (refer to Answer to Lok Sabha Starred Question No. 78 answered on 2.3.2010).

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