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New Delhi: Hindus and their organisations from different parts of the world have come together to place before the government a set of demands — which they have named as the “Hindu Charter” — catering for the community. On Friday, they sought ‘equal rights for Hindus’ apart from making a whole lot of other demands.

As members of the umbrella group, Delhi MLA Kapil Mishra, columnist Sankrant Sanu and former senior MHA official MV Mani expressed anguish at the interference of courts in Hindu religious matters. The development assumes significance in the backdrop of the ongoing Sabarimala crisis.

Speaking to MyNation, Kapil Mishra said, “The core demand is to treat Hindus equally. Apart from that, their demands include repealing the FCRA Act and banning all foreign money inflow, enacting a law for the freedom of religious acts to prevent state interference in matters of faith and ban on beef export, etc.

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