One of the things because of the killings that we allow of the buffalos is that in our cattle herd the ratio of buffalos and cows has become completely distorted. We had 21% in ’51, (Buffaloes in our overall cattle herd), now we have nearly 40% in 2012. The more the killing in the state, more is this distortion. Uttar Pradesh has more Buffaloes than Cows today which is very odd situation from anyway of animal husbandry in India that will have more buffalos than cows. The number of cows, from, say 1992, there were 20 crores now there are 19 crore cows, the actual decline. And from the same period if you look at the buffaloes, there were 84 lakhs and now there are more than 10 crores buffaloes in the country.  So because you are allowing the killing of buffaloes, you are not able to sustain your cow wealth also because business is forcing people to move from the rearing of cow to the rearing of buffaloes.

If you look at this, where slaughter is allowed, states which allows slaughter, they have many more buffaloes than cows. A state like Uttar Pradesh has said, you look at the 2012 figure, the upper parts are the buffaloes and the number of buffaloes has out sipped the number of cows in Uttar Pradesh. And Chattisgarh where killing is not allowed, Chattisgarh doesn’t allow the killing/slaughter of Buffaloes. The number of cows has been rising and the number of buffaloes has been coming down.

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