This pink revolution which has happened and about which Modiji talked during his election campaign. It has not happened on its own, it has been made by the government agency called APEDA – Agriculture and Processed Foods Export Development Authority of India. This organisation does very strange things. It almost hand holds finances, tells them how to kill and tells them in what cuts to make and develop the markets for them. Actually the whole process is through the government agency and it is not a private effort. Private effort is only to the extent that private parties are involved in financing it or managing it at some levels. And this government agency insists that they will support only that kind of meat which is produced through the Halal process.

So it is one of the conditions that APEDA puts for acknowledging a slaughter house, that for every animal slaughtered there should be a holy man from the Jamait Ulema-e-Hind, an organisation, should be present on the spot and sign the certificate that the animal has been killed in the Halal manne. And this is very odd, it is not because the market for this is muslim, as I showed you, the market for this meat is Vietnamese or Chinese, most of it. The muslim market is only 30%. But 100% of the meat produced in India has to be Halal by the dictate of APEDA.   

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