This is the 2017 data, this is from one of the international state sources. India that year exported 18.5 lakh tons of Beef, Brazil exported 18lakh tons, Australia 14 lakh tons. Are you saying something? These are very strange numbers and they’ll keep changing because this is only trade. So it can be 18 one year and 20 the next year or Brazil can be up one year and India can be down one year. But India today is competing with countries like Brazil, Australia and USA and in sheer physical terms these are very different countries. Brazil has so much of space (land), Australia has so much of available land to rear big herds of cattle to kill. India never could do that, India just doesn’t have that kind of space, India has many more people to feed on this land but it is odd that we are competing with countries like Brazil and Australia which have completely different physical attributes.

They can compete in this, how does India start getting counted in this company in itself it is surprising. And this cannot be done, this wouldn’t have happened except by planned efforts. And that planned effort is towards, not earning this 2000 or 3000 or 20000 crore rupees. That planned effort is, as it was written in the planned documents that these Hindus, they have too much talk about this cow, they have too much interest in this cow. And we can’t do anything about that. But let us start killing buffalo. So a big Buffalo project was created. So you have completely changed the environment in terms of amount of slaughter happening in India.       

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