BJP has rightly identified Article 370 as the source of the problem of unending Kashmir strife, which is also a stumbling block in achieving better national integration. Accordingly, it has consistently been demanding abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution. In its Election Manifesto-2014 it has reiterated its commitment to abrogate Article 370. As such until and unless it is abrogated the Kashmir problem can never be solved.

Further, coupled with the detrimental Article 370, due to skewed delimitation of constituencies giving electoral dominance to the Kashmir valley almost all CMs of the State have been from the Kashmir region only leading to neglect of Jammu and Ladakh regions in comparison to Kashmir. Moreover, culturally too the three regions being distinct there is a threat of religious and cultural extinction and/or usurpation by the Kashmir region as had happened to the Kashmiri Hindus a few years ago. Therefore, immediate tripartite division of the J&K is an existential necessity in order for these Jammu and Ladakh regions to be able to preserve their demography, and religious and cultural traditions.

In order to prevent repeat of genocidal persecution of Hindus as suffered by the Kashmiri Hindus, the Central Govt is requested to immediately:

(i)   Abrogate Article 370 of the Constitution and repeal the Constitution (Application to J&K) Order, 1954 issued there under, so that the changes affected to the Constitution such as Article 35A also get omitted there from, in keeping with the promise of the BJP in its  Election Manifesto-2014; and

(ii)   Divide J&K in to 3 States/UTs of Kashmir, Ladakh and Jammu.

(iii)    Enact a law to provide Kashmiri Hindus with the status of Internally Displaced People and the associated benefits, till such time as the community is rehabilitated in their home land.

Charter of Hindu Demands (Full Document) — Click to Download.

6 Thoughts on “Abrogation of Article 370, and Tripartite division of J&K into States/UTs of Kashmir, Ladakh and Jammu”

  • I fully endorsethe above view point &feel that kashmir problem can be better addressed through this approach.

  • Dividing J&K state into 3 states/UTs may not be the best solution because that would jeopardize India’s legal situation at UN and make the reintegration of occupied territories much more difficult if not impossible. We have to maintain “Jammu & Kashmir” as one entity. We cannot afford to give up our claim to Gilgit-Baltistan-PoK as they will give India a land bridge to Central Asia, a critical link in future that would also sideline Pakistan. A better idea may be to give Jammu and Ladakh autonomous status akin to Darjeeling Hills, Bodoland, Karbi Anglong within the J&K state legislature. That would effectively stop Sunni Muslim encroachment into Ladakh and Jammu. More effort must be made to return Hindus to the Valley by force if necessary.

  • I am fully agreed…above steps would be the nicest n game changer in solving Kashmir problem.

  • All demands are rational & completely appropriate as well as necessary . It is in the best interest of our country that They should be accepted & implemented as soon as possible .

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