India is self-sufficient sovereign nation that does not need foreign charity. As the famous American saying goes, there are no free lunches. Foreign charity comes with stated or implied purposes to subvert our society, to change demographics, to create conditions for break-up of our country, to foment social unrest, to create hurdles in our social, economic and technological progress, to colonise our minds to suit the foreign sinister purposes and so on and so forth.

Large amounts of funding for the so called non-profit or non-commercial sector in India is generated by overseas remittances from organizations that are affiliated with foreign Governments and varied foreign non-State actors. It is an open secret that much of this funding is often used to create extraordinary influence both subtle as well as obvious, on the executive, legislative, judicial processes of our country, on the pretext of either humanitarian or social intervention, whereas its intent is to subvert the natural democratic process of India and the national discourse.

Those that claim to represent the so called “civil society” of India are ironically not funded by that society but by foreign governments and institutions. Unsurprisingly, the recipients of foreign charity often act in both covert and overt ways to destabilize our society for the sinister designs of their foreign masters.

The following official data amply demonstrates that, notwithstanding the political color of the Central Govt and notwithstanding the best efforts of the present Central Govt to tighten and enforce the law, the quantum of foreign contributions continues to rise without let or hindrance leading to ever increasing undue foreign interference in our internal affairs.

Sl No Year Amount received under FCRA Reference
1 2010-11 Rs. 10,865/- Crores MHA L. No. II/21011/58(974)/2017-FCRA-MU dated 07-11-2017 in reply to RTI application.
2 2011-12 Rs. 11,935/- Crores
3 2012-13 Rs. 12,614/- Crores
4 2013-14 Rs. 14,853/- Crores
5 2014-15 Rs. 15,297/- Crores
6 2015-16 Rs. 17,765/- Crores
7 2016-17 Rs. 18,065/- Crores PIB Press Release dated 1st June 2018 of MHA

Given that we, as a Nation, have rightly been refusing foreign aid even for natural disasters on grounds of national pride, we should also refuse foreign contributions that is funding the break-up of the country. We are capable of generating all money required for relief, rehabilitation, religious and charitable works and even for lobbying from within the country.

Hence, it is imperative to impose a blanket ban all sorts of foreign funding to NGOs or groups in India. This is the only way to deal with this menace since loopholes can otherwise always be found in any law however well-intentioned and well-drafted it may be.

India has recognized the valuable contributions of its diaspora who have emotional connect with their former home land. Hence, the only funding from abroad which can be allowed could be by Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) in their personal capacity, and not as a conduit for institutional funds, that too for the limited purpose of promotion, research and teaching of traditional Indian knowledge and ancient Indian texts.

The philanthropic-minded non-OCI foreigners as well as the OCIs who want to contribute for purposes other than promotion, research and teaching of traditional Indian knowledge and ancient Indian texts, are welcome to send their contributions to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

We therefore request immediate enactment of “The Foreign Contributions (Prohibition) Act” by repealing the Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act, 2010 to completely ban all sorts of foreign contributions except those by the OCIs as mentioned above, in the forthcoming session of the current Parliament itself.

Alternatively, an Ordinance may be promulgated immediately pending enactment by the Parliament.

Charter of Hindu Demands (Full Document) — Click to Download.

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  • We are a one nation and would want it that way. Leave us to live as multicultural and multi religion country respecting each others coexistence. History is witness to this. Let us be Indians first and then a hindu Muslim Christian whatever. Be rooted as we are by birth and not religion.

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