“The Hindu culture is the life-breath of Hindustan. It is therefore clear that if Hindustan is to be protected, we should first nourish the Hindu culture. If the Hindu culture perishes in Hindustan itself, and if the Hindu society ceases to exist, it will hardly be appropriate to refer to the mere geographical entity that remains as Hindustan. Mere geographical lumps don’t make a nation.”

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Charter of Demands - Seeking Equal Rights for Hindus of India

  • Are you anguished by interference of Courts and Legislature in Hindu Religious matters?
  • Are you aghast at sudden spurt in mob lynching incidents related to Cows?
  • Are you surprised at the increase in number of PILs in SC in matters related to Hinduism?

Over 100 Hindus from all over India met on the 22nd of September 2018 and called for a Just and Equitable move for Equal Rights for Hindus, on par with other communities. The meeting resulted in a Charter of eight key demands:

  1. Provide Equal Rights to Hindus in matters of faith and religion by Passing Sri Satyapal Singh’s
    2016 Private Member’s Bill pending in Lok Sabha in matters pertaining to:
     Management of places of worship (Temples & Religious Endowments).
     Entitlement to various benefits from Government schemes, plans, scholarships etc.
     Enabling teaching of traditional Indian knowledge and ancient texts of India in educational institutions.
     Establishment and administration of educational institutions of their choice without undue interference of Government and its agencies.

  2. Repeal FCRA Act completely and ban all foreign money inflow through FCRA, except for the funds from OCIs and end interference of foreign governments in our Judiciary, Law & Policy making.

  3. Enact Freedom of Religion Act to prevent interference in practice and propagation of native
    Hindu and Indic Traditions, Customs and Rituals.

  4. Abrogation of Article 370 and repeal Article 35A of the Constitution, Trifurcation of Jammu & Kashmir into separate states/UTs of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh.

  5. Ban on Export of beef from India.

  6. Establish Haindava Samskruti Jeernoddhara Nigam (CPSU), with a seed fund of at least
    10,000 Cr for restoration of dilapidated temples and architecture for preservation and
    propagation of Hindu (native Indian) literature, arts, dance forms, culture and traditions.

  7. Guaranteeing Citizenship to the persecuted people, practicing Indian origin religions (Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists), by Enactment of a New Citizenship Act Bill and withdraw all amendments to Existing Citizenship Act Bill.

  8. Provide Equal opportunities to all Indian languages.

Please Read the Demands in detail and Support us by signing the petition at https://hinducharter.org/hindu-charter-petition/
(The Petition will be given to Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India after we get 10 Lakh
Signatures. Please Support, Sign and Forward for Dissemination.)

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63,949 signatures = 64% of goal

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466 Thoughts on “Support Us, Sign this Petition!”

    • Please campaign harder using digital media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and get 1 lakh petitions signed ASAP.

      • Before setting out to help the Hindu cause, you should do inner penance, self-inquiry and sadana and eliminate your own delusions. Otherwise, every guy wants to lead.

  • Certain additions needed from my perspective are:
    1. Leave the judgment of matters related to Hindu faith and tradition to Seers / Gurus from respective communities/sects
    2. Make it a law that no Hindu deities can be displayed in Vigna/damage and make provisions in the national budget for rectification of the same
    3. Allow returning back of converted Hindus in large scale back to their roots
    4. Change all city and river name to their old names existed before invaders changed the same
    5. Do not allow the glorification of invaders at the cost of great personalities of our soil such as Shivaji, Rana Pratap
    6. Create a national registry of temples mapped to each of villages, towns, cities of Bharat along with the major events and pauranik relevance
    7. Start the practice of calling India as Bharat for all official records
    8. Government offer tax rebates for donating to the spread of awareness of our native culture and traditions
    9. Allow beginning of all major events in traditional Hindu practice
    10. Establish research centers for the adoption of learnings from Vedas to nation-building
    11. Make earnings of Priests tax-free as the spending of entire money earned needs to be seen as Guru Dakshina, and they should have the liberty to allocate the same for the expenses
    12. Make Samskrita as the national language for communication and initiate massive language learning exercise (Abhiyan)
    13. Provide support to translation of major Hindu literature from every local language to at least 3 other languages including Samskrita

    • Regarding#13. Translation should be performed only by persons who are experts in both the language and believe and respect our sumskrithi

  • I find it extremely necessary to replace the word ‘India’ by ‘Bharat’ from all official government documents both at the national and UN level.
    The word “India” only implies the nomenclature given by our cruel colonizers. It does not have any meaning. Moreover the english universities in UK and their dictioneries should not equate the word ‘eligion’ with the word ‘Dharma’. This translation does not do any justice to true essence of the “Dharma”.

  • I have forwarded this appeal to 1000 people (my groups) but somewhere I have doubt on count since its not incrementing as it should be, please check with who programmed or created this page. It’s not possible that still 40K more to go. It’s like 1000 people equal to ONE petition, request please check the web page coding or your programmer may be #URBANNAXL who did intentionally. I was also a coder hence I can sense it!! Something is wrong with the calculation.

  • Don’t depend on others to do things for your dharma, ask your self what you can contribute?. There are big problems in Hindu Society, unless those are resolved nothing will change and nobody will listen to you. Nice attitude towards other reglion even when they insult your dharma, peace and tolerance bec you were not the victim, No learning from history, selfish and self centred etc, the list is endless. Let’s resolve ourselves and rest will change. No petition or appeal would be required if Hindu just become normal and rational.

  • The You tube video of Sankrant Sanu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ5WzXaMHao is a good promotion material for getting signatures. But the content of the charter does not have all the points described by Sankrant Sanu. The VHS of Dr S Swamy should be shown the video of for large scale mobilisation of signatures. Also enrol Sri Sri via the summary of video for getting signatures of his disciples. Same for Ramdev disciples.

  • अपनी हिंदी भाषा का अधिकतम प्रयोग करें। इसे हिंदी मेंभी अनुवाद करके लायें।

  • Very unfortunate that the number of those signed the petition still remains at 62000 odd. I had signed it earlier a few months back!

  • My request that Parsi is to be added. Because Parsi believe in Ahura Mazda. In sanskrit it is known as Asur Mahada. And it directly refers to Lord Varun. We do worship cows and nature. We gave prime importance to Fire to reach to the highest. We also come under Dharma manifold. We are just a microscopic community. We lived peacefully in india for centuries especially with our Hindu brothers. Plz Kindly do add. 🙏🏻

  • Please show Hindus how to follow religion with respect and a very organized way. Love people, live happily and Attract all to Hindu temple for prayers and lectures!

  • Looks like knee-jerk organization building here. What you ignored, evidently, is your own character building. Before setting out to help the Hindu cause, you should do inner penance, self-inquiry and sadana and eliminate your own delusions. Otherwise, every guy wants to lead.

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