Shri Narendra Modi ji
Honourable Prime Minister of India
New Delhi

Subject:      A Charter of Hindu Demands for immediate consideration of the Government to redress long standing genuine grievances of Hindus


  1. We, the Hindus, from the length and breadth of Bharat (Annexure-I) have been deliberating, for some months, upon various constitutional, legal and public policy issues that have been adversely affecting Hinduism, Hindu society and Hindus. This culminated in to a meeting in New Delhi on the 22nd September, 2018 and led to creation of a Charter of Hindu Demands.
  2. There has been a growing sense of belief based on verifiable empirical data and experience that the Indian State has been dis-incentivising the majority population of the country following Hinduism and other local religious and spiritual traditions. Not only certain Articles of the Constitution including Articles 25 to 30 are being read, interpreted and enforced selectively by the Governments and the Judiciary, but a number of laws including amendments to the Constitution have been enacted to the detriment of Hinduism and Hindus. The resulting anti-majoritarian slant introduced in to the Constitution, the laws and the public policy it has now come to such an unsavoury pass that:

(i) Only Hindus don’t have the right to administer their educational institutions without undue interference from the State;

(ii) Only Hindus don’t have the right to manage their own places of worship;

(iii) Only Hindus are being denied scholarships and other benefits being made available exclusively to non-Hindus; and

(iv) Only Hindu religious and cultural practices and festivals are being targeted and adversely interfered with both by the Indian State and the Courts.

  1. This selective and targeted adversarial approach of Indian State and its agencies towards Hinduism and Hindus goes against the very principle of equality before law and equal protection of laws irrespective of religious affiliation, which is the foundation of democracy and modern Secular State as envisaged by the Constituent Assembly and enshrined in our Constitution.
  2. In addition to encouraging divisive electoral and communal politics to the detriment of national unity and integrity, this has led to a growing clamour by various sections of Hindu society to be categorized as Non-Hindu or Minorities so as to escape the resulting constitutional, legal and policy driven disabilities that being classified as Hindu entails in our own country. The earlier Ramakrishna Mission case and very recent Lingayat issue are representative examples of the State inflicted malaise on the Hindu society. No wonder, Hindus are unnerved at the Indian State’s apparent zeal to fragment, destabilise and destroy Hinduism and Hindu society which even centuries of foreign rule could not fully succeed.
  3. Due to such obvious anti-Hindu stance of the Indian State the genuine grievances of Hindus are neglected and un-redressed by successive State and Central Governments of independent India. As a result Hinduism, in spite being the so called majority religion of the country, continues to suffer the same or even more debilities than it did under centuries of oppressive foreign rule. As a result of the externally imposed disabilities prevent Hinduism aka Sanatana Dharma from reviving and revitalising itself to meet the current day spiritual and temporal needs of Hindus, which works to the advantage of vested interests and causes further detriment to Sanatana Dharma and our country.
  4. It is pertinent to recall a profound observation about our civilisation: “The Hindu culture is the life-breath of Hindustan. It is therefore clear that if Hindustan is to be protected, we should first nourish the Hindu culture. If the Hindu culture perishes in Hindustan itself, and if the Hindu society ceases to exist, it will hardly be appropriate to refer to the mere geographical entity that remains as Hindustan. Mere geographical lumps don’t make a nation.”
  5. As the rightful inheritor, trustee and custodian of our great civilisation rooted in Sanatana Dharma, the Indian State has a civilisational responsibility to protect, preserve, nurture and pass it on to the succeeding generations. Therefore, at this critical juncture in history the continuance of anti-majoritarian nay anti-civilisational laws and public policies wreaks irreversible destruction of our civilisational, religious and cultural identity and heritage.
  6. It is not an exaggeration to say that at this rate of attrition, Sanatana Dharma – which is the fountain head of the longest surviving civilisation and culture of which we all should be rightfully proud of, and the only religion and culture that not only precepts but also practises in every sense the lofty principles of ‘ekam sat vipra bahuda vadanti’ and ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ – will disappear from the face of earth very soon, if the Indian State does not initiate urgent and sustained corrective measures with utmost dispatch. We therefore seek wise laws and public policies that not only show great wisdom in understanding the history and culture of our civilisation but also provide sustenance for our cultural renaissance to regain our civilisational glory.
  7. In the light of the above, we, the undersigned, after due deliberations, have unanimously resolved to request immediate action on a few of the most pressing genuine demands as briefly articulated hereunder so that Hindus are reassured of a fair and equitable constitutional, legal and public policy treatment and to generate an enthusiasm in them that their issues matter leading up to the elections in 2019.
  8. This Charter has the support of Hindus beyond the select group that has taken it upon itself to prepare and present it.

Charter of Hindu Demands (Full Document) — Click to Download.

21 Thoughts on “Charter of Hindu Demands – Introduction”

  • Its time this issue is placed before the present Govt , as no other person in that position would care to even look at the Charter..let us hope for the Best…

  • I am a Hindu I’m not the one who would take the insults on my religion, culture and my mother land’s eons old heritage, which are so just and humane and not antagonistic to anyone ,even such insults emanate from those institutions or individuals who are supposed to be honourable. Jai Sri Ram!

  • What happens to the caste? I am all for signing the petition and agree to all the demands and observations. But is there a plan to DISSOLVE the malice of caste? Do we plan to catalyze intercaste marriages?

    • Yes we should dissolve caste and catalyze intercaste marriages but only after dissolving reservation then only we all will be equal with equal rights and can dissolve caste.

  • Highly marginalized Hindus. Christians and Muslims are bullying Hindus. The are exploiting the general tolerance level of Hindus. Barring some courageous Hindus most of us afraid of our lives. Even the father of nation thought differently about Hindu rashtra. If we are willing to shed blood for our future generation things can improve. Otherwise we are at the mercy of.

  • Hindus have become C-grade citizen in their own land & we will have to face more constraints & tough time , if political parties & judiciary are allowed to interfere in hindus’ rituals practice or
    religious activities. Mote over adverse situations are being created by so called seculars who are holding all important positions in administration & judiciary. Unless judiciary & administration are completely reformed or overhauled, situation for Hindus will not improve.

  • WE ALL SHOULD COME OUT TOGETHER TO FIGHT FOR OUR EXISTENCE…….with out strong fighting we can’t survive in Hindustan

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