There is a growing feeling among Hindus in the country of being treated as second-class citizens. This is due to actions which have resulted, perhaps inadvertently, from provisions in the Constitution; and the case law which has successively been built on this. This has resulted from an ever increasing number of groups asking to be classified as “not Hindu” so as to be free from the resulting disabilities that being classified as Hindu entails in India.

Only Hindus don’t have the right to run educational institutions without interference from the State, only Hindus don’t have the right to manage their own places of worship, and only Hindus are now being denied scholarships and other benefits being made available only to non-Hindus. This treatment goes against the basic ideas of equality of all citizens irrespective of religious affiliation, as enshrined in the Constitution and envisaged by the Constituent assembly. These provisions are also being used for divisive and communal politics, and to fragment Hindu society such as the move to declare the Lingayats as “non-Hindu” to benefit from the legal provisions that being non-Hindu confers in India.

For the sake of national unity and social harmony, to stymie divisive and communal forces, and for steps towards the economic and cultural renaissance of India, we the undersigned, request you to take the following steps to redress the genuine grievances of Hindus to restore their confidence of Hindus in a fair and equitable Constitution and legal system and an enthusiasm that their issues matter, leading up to the elections in 2019.